Arla Foods is a Danish- Swedish dairy cooperative owned by 12,629 dairy farmers in six European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Britain, Sweden and Germany). Many sees it as an lifetime sustainable investment. Arla Food is the largest Swedish producer of dairy products such as milk, cream, buttermilk, sour cream, butter and cheese. Arla's brands include among others Bregott, Kelda (sauces and soups), Keso, Yoggi Yalla! (yogurt drink) and others.

Project – Arla Food wanted to promote their Latte Art milk and do so with the collaboration with The Swedish Barista and Brewer Champion Alexander Ruas. The reason being that one 1/4 of all the milk bought is put in coffee. Alexander Ruas is leading the The Barista National Team and with Arla we arranged a coffee tasting tour. Together with locally produced coffee from Ecuador, Ethiopia and Sweden the Arla Latte Art milk was served to guests and soppers in 20 major stores throughout Sweden.

Mission – Feather Agency's role was to manage the whole production. We were responsible for arranging and booking all the store stops, production of material such as the beautiful bar, and managing and coordinating the baristas together with Alexander Ruas on behalf of Arla Foods. Those who shopped in the stores were met by a delicious smell of well made coffee served with steamed Latte Art milk. The purpose of the tour was also to demonstrate the Latte Art milk and how well it blends with premium coffee.