Feather & Friends

We’ve been friends for years, worked together on projects and know some of the same people. We are from different areas with different backgrounds, but share many interests. We thought that it would be fun to combine our interests in music, art, food and social networks and bring together those in one gathering. Our goal was to create a platform where our worlds would meet.

Project – The three friend’s Magnus, Mariama & Lovisas very own After Work hang out. A social platform where friends meet each others friends in an ice atmosphere. 

Mission – Art, music and food interacts at a new level. AWBY are the three friends Lovisa, Mariama and Magnus own living room hangout, with music, art and popular culture in focus. We select artists, DJs and other innovative souls who become part of the family and get to be involved in creating an interesting content and a cozy and charismatic atmosphere!

Many of our passions will be represented in AWBY and above all it is hanging out with you - our friends and your friends that’s important. Everyone and anyone are welcome and we look forward to adding your personalities to the mix. Look out for more WBY events during the spring and throughout the year. 

Result – A fun and exciting platform for innovation, creativity and ideas to flourish.