Organization – Basta - a user-driven social enterprise.

This means that in both theory and practice, power and influence over the operations lie in people who have had experience with drug abuse. Virtually all responsibility in the board and in senior management are held by people who have previously completed his or her rehabilitation at Basta. Over 90 percent of those who live and work here have this background, hence the name “user controlled”.

Mission – Our mission was to develop a scalable, multi-functional stand that could easily be used for several different purposes, and breathe solid quality. Highlighting the customer's width and reinforce the impression of seminars and build trust among Basta customers.

Result – The stand was designed in solid wood and gave a highly qualitative impression. The stand could be used on small and large surfaces with between 6 and 20 square meter stand area and with a great variety of content.  We developed the idea, created the content, drawings, design for the stand. We also took photography of the environment surrounding the stand, took portraits of people involved  as well as guests, and copywriting, design and evaluation of the project. Our client’s stand has after this event, has become widely demanded and used on various events in prestigious context. Documentary environmental and portrait photographs that convey a positive and welcoming feeling of Basta facilities and Basta as a famous brand within social entrepreneurship. The pictures will function as a part of the booth content for Basta and form an image bank for Basta that can be used freely for print and for the web.