"A thousand ways to make a difference"-Fair 

Authority for Youth and Civil Society Affairs is a government agency that produces knowledge about young people's living conditions and civil society conditions. We give grants to associations, municipalities and international cooperation.

Project – The aim of the touring European exhibition in Stockholm on August 10-12, 2011 was to provide a venue for voluntary committed and to create an interface with the public who are not yet engaged. The definition of engagement was very broad and did not fall within one sector, but was for engagement in everything. The purpose was to pay tribute to all the volunteers in Europe. The exhibition at the EU Commission offices in central Stockholm was primarily to serve as a meeting place for committed volunteers and secondly to the public.

Mission – Was to be a project manager of the production and concept work of the exhibition, lead and be responsible for the working group meetings, planning and content of the exhibition: 1000 ways to make a difference!. In this project, we were responsible also for developing a budget plan, prepare agreements with participants and subcontractors etc. Coordinate the program for the three days, be in touch with the participation of individuals and organizations was all included in the daily work.

We also had a primary contact with the media, the press and the Commission / PAU designated media consultants. The work included advertising including: Press on SVT, Metro. Subway commercials, advertisements and marketing in social media.

Result – The fair was with 30 exhibitors with a program of 30 points with 1-5 participants. We also had panel discussions, lectures, workshops and artist appearance. About 500 visitors came to the exhibition. A monitoring and evaluation of the project was included in this work to ensure that the necessary data was collected such as: number of visitors, representing organizations etc. in order to collect the participating organizations' comments and thoughts of the project.