Linnea Engström, MEP (MP) has visited the fishing villages along the coast of Senegal, to investigate the conditions of the fishing villages and how fishing affects the people of the country. During the trip Linnea Engström met local fishermen in areas such as Soumbedioune, researchers in fishing, one of President Macky Salls's advisers on fisheries issues and environmental and fishing organizations. With her Linnea had photographer Martha Thisner whose pictures depict some of the problems as well as the dificul situations for women in the fishing industry.

Project - MEP (MP) invited gusts to an opening of a photo exhibition intailing the information activity of the Fisheries Committee in the European Parliament. Through a light and open event we welcomed guests to take part of the journey. To create a socially sustainable environment we offered light snacks from Senegal, typical Senegalese beverage, cheerful companion of specially invited guest and above all good music (including Senegalese music). The guests got to experience poetry perfomed by Mariama Jobe (Senegalese) and music by DJ Aissa (Sugarcane). The host of the photo exhibition were Linnea Engström (MEP), Coura Mbaye from the dinner project & concept Ker Mbissane and photographer Martha Thisner.

Mission - Feather Agency was asked to assist and support MEP consultant and project manager in this project, Coura Mbaye. Feather handeled project management, development and productionof the concept, theme and name of the vernissage event. Feather was responsible of ordering food and catering for the event. We also managed the creation of the invitation and goodie bag: copywriting, design, content to goodie bag. We book, arrange with furniture, helped hung the photography and decorated the venue.