Skare is a TV-production company that strives to create programs that enrich the viewers and are characterized by quality and reflection. Our mission was to create a fun and persuasive ad for Arga Snickaren that would be advertised and placed in the mid section of local and major newspapers, in the city and different suburbs around Stockholm. It's a cool and fun ad where you feel that you want to apply to be one of the families featured in the TV Show Arga Snickaren.



We were hired by SMOK to the Culture School Council's national conference in Eskilstuna for extra production management and consultation at the conference. We were hired for our knowledge in event production and experience with setting up and organising conferences. 

Culture School Council (formerly the Swedish Music and Culture School council ) is a non-profit , political or union affiliations compound where municipalities combine an accessible and high-quality cultural school activities.


Feather developed, designed and produced a training concept based on workshops for the staff at MUCF and youth leaders in the country. The training program is made to inspire and inform about the European Union program Erasmus - young and active in Europe. 

The authority for Youth and Civil Society Affairs is a government agency that produces knowledge about young people's living conditions and civil society conditions. MUCF gives grants to associations, municipalities and international cooperation.



Ongoing design and creative development of course catalogues, brochures and other design for print. 

Infokomp is an education company that has worked to educate the inquisitive students in Sweden since 1993 and was among the first to offer both distance and classroom teaching.